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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. good morning, america. happening right now. flood fears. rivers rising. the mighty ohio ready to crest. boats barely squeezing under bridges. neighborhoods underwater. one man swept away. is the worst over? rob marciano is tracking it all. [ train horn blows ] tragedy on the tracks. it has happened again. a train unable to stop in time. the car demolished. >> those flashing lights there. >> it's the fourth time in just weeks. what is going on here? caught on camera, dragster disaster. >> oh! >> whoa. >> hold on! >> the driver's brush with death. his car snapping in half. thrown 20 feet in the air. >> he was up in the air for a long time. >> so how did he manage to walk away?
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and living on the edge, quite literally. the daredevil cyclist risking life and limb to take on the famed red rock cliffs of sedona, arizona. this morning he tells "gma" how he pulled off his amazing white-knuckle ride. that's what it is. hey, good morning, everybody. a huge day for sports fans. this is selection sunday. >> i have to admit, i geek out today. it's one of my favorite days of the year. later today, we'll learn the teams competing in march madness. and coming up, we're going to get expert advice on how the fill out bracket for the office pool. >> in your defense, you do geek out most days. >> i do. >> this is just a special geek out. first, the top story. the major flooding from the gulf coast to the great lakes. causing people to leave behind their homes and businesses. >> rivers jumping their banks. there are road closures,
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evacuations. one man swept away. rob is tracking it all. for us this morning. hi, rob. >> hi, paula. two weeks ago, nearly two feet of snow across the ohio river valley. this week, two to four inches of rainfall. that combination, not good for some. water levels rising on the ohio to nearly six feet above flood stage. this boat barely getting under this bridge. for many on the ohio river valley, remnants of winter rearing its ugly head, melting snow and ice causing chaos. this photo captioned melting snow plus spring showers equals a very angry ohio river. describing the dire situation some residents face. in louisville kentucky rescue teams december rattly semplging the ohio river for man walking on foot, swept away by the rushing river. watch as they comb through the murky flood waters. meanwhile, main streets in the area shutting town. cincinnati is prepping for the worst. >> nerve racking. stressful. >> reporter: the red cross setting up a local shelter
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overnight for residents living in threatened areas. the river expected to crest later this morning. likely to be the highest level since 1997. all these little red areas, those are other area rivers some tributaries, feeding into the ohio and mississippi. they're in flood stage. many will remain there for the next maybe even day or so. the good news is, we don't have a whole lot of moisture to add on to that in the next 48 hours. the jet stream remains to the north. we'll see temperatures moderate a little bit. we've had tremendous snow pack. that's adding to the problem. meanwhile out west record high temperatures in los angeles yesterday. we'll see more records today. we'll talk about that heat laettner the broadcast. >> we'll continue to cover the flooding straight through "world news tonight." now, another developing story, ten americans who may have been exposed to ebola in africa are flying to the u.s. right now to be monitored. these people are free of
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symptoms, we should say. they were possibly exposed to another american health care worker who did test positive for ebola and is now being treated at this hospital in maryland. let's turn to dr. richard besser. as you might imagine, a lot of people hear there's a plane filled with people who may have been infected with ebola and they're coming to our country. they get a little bit worried. should we be worried? >> i don't think so. i think this is the right thing to do for a number of reasons. these are americans who have gone to west africa to try to knock this epidemic out. that's what's going to make us safest here in the long run. while some of them may have been exposed, no one is sick. but with ebola, you can't transmit this disease until you have symptoms, severe symptoms. they'll be put under quarantine. they'll check their temperatures twice a day. if they have the slightest fever, they'll be put in isolation. >> they're doing heroic and dangerous work overseas. but speaking of overseas you have been there on the front lines of the ebola epidemic.
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do you have any hope that this thing can be snuffed out? >> i do. i'm seeing some very positive signs. so like so liberia, where we've done a lot of reporting, the u.s. has had the biggest efforts. no patients currently being treated. no new cases in two weeks. if there's no cases for the next four weeks, they declare it totally ebola-free. sierra leone and guinea are seeing 100 cases a week between the two of them. if the international effort continues, they may be able to knock it out by early summer at the latest. we have to continue the effort. and the americans are part of that. it will allow us to sleep better here. >> it's a good example of international cooperation. dr. besser, thank you. now a devastating crash caught on camera. a train barreling down the tracks. and suddenly a car tries to cross with deadly results. this is the latest in a string of similar accidents across the country. gloria riviera is in our washington bureau with more.
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gloria? >> reporter: good morning. that video so hard to watch. overnight, another vehicle struck by a train with multiple fatalities. we have heard far too many stories like this one lately. one witness saying this car was pulverized. shocking video of a train crash in louisville, kentucky. just the latest in a string of deadly train collisions in the past few weeks. the accident occurred just after 4:00 p.m. on saturday when a car plowed through the intersection. signals at the crossing went off. but there was no gate to stop the driver. >> those were flashing lights there at the scene. obviously when there is a guard, there may be more of warning. but they're distracted. >> reporter: four people were in the white toyota camry at the time, which was pushed half a mile down the tracks. >> we have four patients. be advised, they're all critical. >> reporter: two were pronounced dead at the scene. two were taken to university hospital. the train did not derail. no personnel on the train were injured. this is the fourth train
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collision in recent weeks, where fully functioning train crossing signals failed to keep drivers off the track. in february a new york train crash left 6 people dead and 12 injured. another commuter train crash last month in california was deadly. and the amtrak derailment in halifax county north carolina, just last week that injured more than passengers. 50 passengers. >> oh, oh. >> reporter: the louisville metro police are investigating. there is no connection you saw between the men you saw filming the video and the incident. dan? paula? >> this just keeps happening. thank you, gloria. now to a fresh alleged atrocity with isis. kurdish forces on the ground in iraq say isis fighters used chemical weapons against them, specifically chlorine gas. let's bring in george stephanopoulos. is news like this likely to help president obama's uphill battle
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to force congress to give him approval to continue the fight against yis wrist? isis. >> maybe on the margins. but it's a tough fight for the president. that authorization request is getting cause in a vise between democrats on the left who want to make sure that the authorization actually limits the president's ability to put troops on the ground. and the republicans, who want no limits at all and want to authorize the use of more ground troops. it's a very uphill fight for the president. it's also getting caught up now in this whole controversy over the iran nuclear negotiations. secretary kerry will be in switzerland again today trying to wrap up the negotiations. before the end of the month. but as you know there's a real backlash now against congress who sent a letter -- 47 republicans september a letter directly to the iranians suggesting any kind of agreement can be undone. everything is getting caught up in that debate. i don't expect anything to happen on the use of force resolution for several weeks,
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maybe even months. >> we see in the latter half of the latter term of a two-term president that foreign affairs takes precedent. here we are again. >> it's real crunch time on the nuclear negotiations. >> thank you, george. a reminder, george will be hosting "this week" talking about the latest in the hillary clinton e-mail situation. and much more. if you have questions, you can tweet him @gstephanopoulos. >> thank you, george and dan. we're so happy to have ryan smith back in for ron. >> good morning, paula, dan, good morning to you. we begin with terrifying moments aboard two separate flights. both jetliners with landing gear problems. passengers on one flight told to put their heads down and brace themselves. tai hernandez has more. >> brace, brace! >> reporter: two plane scares in the sky. both make emergency landings. >> brace, brace! >> reporter: both have problems with landing gear. one was go-jet flight 3645, a
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regional jet flying from grand rapids to chicago-o'hare. the pilot announcing the plane's front wheels wouldn't deploy and to brace for landing. >> the pilot did an amazing job in landing us. a baby was screaming. but everyone else was pretty calm. >> reporter: meanwhile, united 3870 also forced to turn around. captured on tape, a tire blows out during takeoff. terrified passengers clutch their seats. a passenger films them preparing for the worst. >> it was kind of scary. the impact was pretty noisy. the plane shook a little bit. but the pilot did great job keeping everything going straight. >> reporter: instead, cheers and applause. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. >> tai, thank you. now a push this morning to get the mayor of ferguson out of office. overnight, protesters took to the streets for mostly peaceful protests. meantime, several residents have
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filed an affidavit seeking to recall major james knowles. six city employees have been fired or quit since the scathing justice department report found widespread racial bias in the ferguson police department. knowles has said he has no plans to step down. a wild crime spree in orlando, florida. orange county police say it all started with a car jacking early saturday. the suspects used the car to go on a random shooting rampage. a teen ager and his grandmother were shot in their car, suffering minor injuries. when deputies spotted the men, the suspects fired at them. none of the officers were injured. and take a look at this. an air show high above takes a horrifying turn. two planes clip each other in
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midair, bursting into flames. one of the planes crashing to the ground. one hitting a nearby village. both pilots ejected safely. thank goodness. they suffered minor injuries. finally, a true bird's eye view. take a look. this eagle sets a new world record, soaring off the tallest building in the world in dubai in the highest recorded bird flight ever. he's the world's greatest tour guide. take a look over here, nothing to see. let's move on. he had the camera strapped on to him. shows the stunning view of the city. what's more incredible than that, that landing. how about that? stuck it perfectly. this unbelievable precise landing on the arm of his handler. all of this a stunt to bring awareness to endangered birds. but that's why they call it the eagle has landed. >> i wondered how we got those spectacular views. because of that camera. it wasn't a drone for once. >> not a drone. >> someone had to bring him to the top of the building and push him. >> and he flies. >> nature takes hold. >> and fear.
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we want to show you incredible new video this morning. this is a car racing more than 250 miles and hour and then wow, siddenly snapping in two. going airborne. the driver somehow walked away from this. mara schiavocampo is all over this story. mara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. really unbelievable video. that driver says it felt like being on a roller coaster while the car was in the air. and he's grateful that all of the safety features worked in an accident that can only be described as jaw-drobpping. overnight, a drag racing superstar miraculously survives a crash after his rocket fuel-propel ed fuel-propelled car snaps in half at 262 miles per hour.
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sending the driver flipping down the track at a national hot rod association race in florida. watch at larry dixon is launched over 20 feet into the air. >> whoa! hold on! >> reporter: smashing into the concrete wall. tumbling down the raceway, to the horror of onlookers. emergency crews rushed to the scene, expecting the worst. but dixon, incredibly, no worse for wear. waving to the crowd as he walked away from the mangled wreckage. his spirits high despite his brush with death. >> the best i can tell is that the front half broke. i mean, captain obvious. gosh, it was up in the air for a long time. >> reporter: this scene, all too familiar for the champion driver, who survived a similar accident on a memphis track in 2000. his car capable of going from 0 to 100 in a second catapulting off the ground -- >> my goodness gracious! >> reporter: -- while competing in one of the fastest races in the world. leaving dixon seriously injured. >> 15 years ago, i got a helicopter ride to the hospital with a broken leg.
8:15 am
>> reporter: crediting updated safety features, dixon grateful he escaped this crash unharmed. >> my back is a little sore. my knee got banged around a little bit. but -- i'm here. walking. got out of the car. at least i'm in one piece. >> reporter: amazing. we still don't know what caused that accident. dixon doesn't have a backup car. he says other teams have offered to let him use their backup car if he decides to finish eliminations today. he was one of the first drivers to wear a helmet restraint system for safety, before it was mandated. and those safety features really helped him this time. >> they did. i'm surprised he's willing to get back into any car at this point. >> this is the second time this has happened to him. >> it's a testament to the safety parameters. and technology that he has the option to get back in the car. >> a lot of it is mandated because people like him started using them. >> mara, thank you so much. this is no ordinary sunday. it's selection sunday as dan mentioned, i'm geeking out. it marks the beginning of march madness, when millions of us fill out brackets attempting to
8:16 am
determine who will win and who will do home. >> morris the shot to win it. >> reporter: there's one day bigger than all the rest in college basketball. and it's today. selection sunday. when 68 teams wait to hear their name and whether they've punched a ticket to the big dance. ♪ they call it march madness. and let it begin. the clock is ticking. it's time to spend minutes, hours, maybe days filling out your brackets. according to the american gaming association, an estimated 40 million americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets waging $9 billion. that's more than double the amount that was bet on the super bowl. now, picking a perfect one shouldn't be hard, right? in last year's buffett challenge, brad binder went a perfect 36-0 before his bracket was busted.
8:17 am
kissing the hopes of being a billionaire good-bye. and get this, you have a better chance of winning the lottery because these odds are 1 in 9.2 e inevitable dip in productivity from march madness-related activities. a dip that could cost them an estimated $1.2 billion. what does it take to beat the odds and create that mystical perfect bracket? no one knows. but maybe this year, your bracket will beat the odds. and the buzzer. >> and he gets the shot at the buzzer! >> reporter: and quintillion, by the way, 18 zeros. in case you were wondering. we're joined by espn's resident college basketball bracketologist, joe lunardi. he's at espn's bristol head quarters. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. you are the main man this time of year. help us build the best bracket. what is the strategy?
8:18 am
>> i think expect the unexpected. right? there have been 30 years since the field expanded to 64 or more teams. only one time, one time, have all number one seeds advanced to the final four. if you're going with chalk, you better bring an eraser. >> okay. good advice there. we don't have the field yet. that's a little later. who do you think will be selected as the four number one seeds tonight? that said, who is your pick to win the national championship? >> i think we know who most of the number one seeds are at this point. not many games still to go. kentucky will be the number one seed overall. in the midwest region. others likely to include, villanova, duke, and wisconsin or arizona, depending on game today involving the badgers. i believe it will be wisconsin. and if you're picking and you're not going with chalk, you're taking a field against kentucky. which means, kentucky's a lock to win since i just said the opposite. [ laughter ] >> reverse psychology right there.
8:19 am
kentucky is, as most people know, undefeated. our bracketologist joe lunardi, thank you for joining us. good luck on your bracket. okay? >> you bet. >> i would like to invite you to join my espn tournament challenge. all you have to do is search my name under group that's on the espn web page, tournament challenge. it's fun. mildly painless. i'm bribing everyone with bacon. winner gets a bounty of it. >> bacon? >> a bounty of bacon. >> don't you have to know a lot about the teams. for instance, my 2 1/2-year-old daughter almost beat the entire office pool. >> you're telling us dan has a shot? >> of course he does. >> if you go with me, it's like in the super bowl when they have the octopus pick the winner. that's my role. >> so exciting. you have your own tournament there. >> maybe bacon or tofu bacon for the vegetarians. >> tofu? >> you just ruined it. >> she did that for our friends in california which is where
8:20 am
we're going to start the weather. boy, it's hot out there. they're running the marathon today to work off all that tofu. a half hour earli i know it's hot out there and dangerously hot. you get to the beach and the sunshine and pacific ocean it's a good place to cool off. hundreds of thousands more will be at the southern california beaches thanment last couple of days. 93 in los angeles average high is 70. they are blowing out the old record by five or ten degrees. another hot day today. the heat builds toward the northeast of the rockies, 82 in rapid city. 73 in fargo. this is the earliest we've seen 7 in fargo. we have a cold front coming through on monday, things cool down but southern california remains on the warm side. that will get to the east coast. pacific northwest you have a system coming in with wind and
8:21 am
rain, you will take the rain you need it. >> reporter: meteorologist chris sowers double scan update, double scan looks better than yesterday. sky conditions are clearing, combination of sun and clouds this afternoon. with temperatures in the low 50s, but as we move it along to the 7 day forecast. we'll see gusts as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour. it will make 52 feel like the low 40s throughout the day. tomorrow is fantastic mostly sunny and 60 degrees. # # k it can be very good. >> i'm not buying it. i'm all pro-bacon. a jet-setting pastor. a controversial megachurch televange televangelist making headlines. why he's asking his flock to buy him a new superluxury gulfstream plane. and this cycler on the side of a mountain. seemingly defying gravity. how did he pull this off? >> very carefully. and bristol palin. taking a big step. the major announcement she's
8:22 am
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♪ coming up on "gma," why this televangelist says he needs this $65 million person plane. >> and is he nuts? dan, yes. the biker who took on one of the most dangerous trails, talking about his feat this morning.
8:27 am
>> police are questioning a driver who lost control of his pickup truck this morning it plowed into the first floor of the house in delaware county. him truck driver and the couple inside the home were not injured. >> reporter: 8:27 sunday morning, let's head outside to
8:28 am
chris sowers with accuweather. >> reporter: cloudy and cold the winds are picking up out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. we'll see sunshine later on. 52 degrees, forecasted high. with the wind frifl -- feel like the mid 40s. tomorrow, 60 is the high, all the numbers drop back in the 40s by wednesday. that's it for "action news" right now. we'll be back in a half-hour. i'm eva pilgrim stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ i'm feeling a little nauseous just watching this guy. but there he is a daredevil fulling off an amazing feet in the cliffs of sedona. with no restraints, the cyclist is telling us how he was able to pull that off. good morning america. my heart. >> don't look down. >> can we be sure that that's not rob marciano? >> yes. yes. have you met rob? it's definitely not rob. >> it ain't me. >> everybody needs a hobby, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to march 15th, also known as the ides of march. if you're a shakespeare fan or into ancient rome. could this be the start of a remarkable pr turnaround for this guy? remember him? justin bieber.
8:31 am
what he told fans during his comedy central roast last night. first, a high-flying pastor looking to up his ride. >> televangelist creflo dollar sparking public outrage over an online appeal to raise millions of dollars to buy a luxury private jet. why? they say to spread the gospel of grace around the globe. linzie janis is here with all of the details. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the world changers church, headed by creflo dollar posted the appeal, asking members of his 200,000 strong international congregation to give $300 each so the pastor could have a g-6. this morning, the church is backtracking. that appeal mysteriously disappearing from the website. >> believe against what you feel. >> reporter: this morning, this atlanta-based megachurch in the firing line after urging its members to fund a gulfstream jet for the controversial leader, pastor creflo dollar.
8:32 am
>> i ask all of our partners globally to get on board with project g-650. >> reporter: in a video appeal they said the wildly popular preacher needs the aircraft to spread the gospel after the church's current plane broke down. but not just any plane. the $65 million g-650. a status symbol so well known, it's the subject of a rap song. ♪ ♪ fie fly like a g-6 ♪ >> reporter: members of the church divided. >> it's a way for him to get around and spread the gospel. >> we give money, it's supposed to be going to charity. not to somebody's lifestyle. >> reporter: famous for his prosperity gospel, dollar claiming riches will come to his followers who donate to the church. >> if you don't know no better you'll stay in the ghetto all your life. >> reporter: pastor dollar appears to practice what he preaches, living in a mang outside atlanta. >> if all of our partners would donate $300 each, we could
8:33 am
acquire this jet in a very, very short period of time. >> it's an obscene request. it could have been someone's last $300. >> reporter: the church taking the five-minute long video plea, dated february 19th, offline friday afternoon and telling our atlanta affiliate they're reassessing their campaign. but still need a new plane. >> fear tolerated is faith contaminated. >> reporter: dollar telling our dan harris in 2008, his jet is an essential tool of the trade. >> like a carpenter has a hammer to do his job, i've got to have a plane to fly around the world to be a pastor of two churches, one here and one in new york. >> reporter: what a quote. a private plane might have been handy for him tonight. he was here in new york city preaching at his church in the bronx but was back in atlanta for services this morning. the g-650 so exclusive, ceos and
8:34 am
celebrities on a three-year waiting list. >> oh, wow. >> he's very controversial in christian circles. thank you very much. >> you have given him a hard time over the years. >> we have had interesting interactions, for sure. >> interesting conversations. it's always interesting conversation when ryan smith is here. >> thank you so much. good morning, guys. ten americans heading back to the u.s. after possibly being exposed to ebola. right now, none of the health care workers volunteering in sierra leone have shown symptoms of the disease. this, after an american aid worker arrived in nebraska in serious condition after testing positive for ebola. in california, a manhunt is under way for a rookie police officer, henry solis who did not report to work on friday. he was offduty on friday when this man was shot and killed. soliz is considered a person of interest in the investigation of rodriguez.
8:35 am
big news for bristol palin. she told the world on instagram she's marrying dakota meyer. meyer, a former marine was awarded the medal of honor. america's highest distinction for bravery. finally, talk about living on the edge. more than a dozen people were left teetering on this roller coaster ride in australia for more than three hours. the green lantern coaster has a 108-foot drop. all the thrillseekers got off safely after a successful rescue operation. but, this is why i don't ride roller coasters. >> seeking thrills no more. >> you don't ride roller coasters? >> no. a little scary. a little scary. >> they do this on purpose from time to time so we have fear so you feel like you have to have more of an adrenaline rush. >> conspiracy meteorologist, rob marciano. >> programming note. two big nba games, because we were talking basketball earlier. today, the bulls and the
8:36 am
thunder. followed by the rockets battling the clippers. big nba day. all the action starting at 1:00 p.m. here on abc. you now see how i'll spend my day. >> college basketball, the nba. you can talk about the weather. >> the l.a. marathon happening today. >> there you new york half marathon is happening today. not great weather but nonetheless we had a a horrible winter. temperatures in time lower 40s -- in the lower 40s. we'll see winds throughout the day. we have winter weather advisory storm warning for maine and new hampshire could see 6 to 10 inches of snowfall with this system. boston you may see a half inch to an inch on the backside of this you need two to break the record. we're getting toward the end of the season trying to squeeze it
8:37 am
out. temperatures going down overnight tonight and drying out. acontrols upstate new york, this is not the time of year for lake-effect snow. this is spring break cancun day daytona beach. >> reporter: it's not going to feel like spring break around here. not a bad one tomorrow. tomorrow will top out at 60 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast you'll know how the temperatures drop off by midweek wednesday's high only 42. >> ride, man. ride. >> or get a g-6 jet. >> yeah. >> or ride your bike along the cliffs of sedona, arizona. which, by the way is not something we advise. >> i can't wait for this story. coming up here on "gma," how
8:38 am
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ that's incredible. >> yeah, check this guy out. we've been talking about him all morning. cycling, for some reason, across the red rock cliffs of sedona, arizona. >> the song "edge of glory." it's more like the edge of insanity. the margin of error is zero. this morning, the brave cyclist is talking about how he did it. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: do not look down. this is mountain biker michal kollbek, his extreme trek hundreds of feet above this as kanzon floor. going above a floor just inches wide. >> if you fall over the edge, you'll go all the way down. almost vertical. >> reporter: his white-knuckle ride along the white line trail
8:43 am
near sedona captured by a drone, launched by his friend. the white line trail is like catnip to daredevil mountain bikers. >> white lines, take one. >> there only is one take. >> reporter: a steep, narrow nail-biter. with a treacherous downhill turnaround. >> right there. my tire slipped a little bit. >> reporter: kollbek successfully makes that turn. trying not to think about falling. one of his secrets? letting air out of his tires for a better grip. >> you have to block those false from view. focus on the trail. >> reporter: but kollbek says he probably won't do this again. once was enough. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> we're all on the edge of our seat. >> oh, that's incredible. >> that was. >> it will keep you focused for one thing. >> do not try that at home, or on the red rocks. >> anywhere. >> anywhere, don't. just don't. don't even ride a bike.
8:44 am
well coming up on "good morning america," a quiet day of fishing leads to a very surprise catch. it's all ahead with sara and "pop news." ahead with sara and "pop news." this is our promise. we promise to do better with every delicious sip of our ultra filtered milk. from grass to glass. we promise high quality, real milk that's ultra filtered so fairlife has more protein and calcium. to help you live better. at fairlife, this is our simple promise. to believe in better.
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oh, a little bit of a club sound. >> i gotta mix it up. >> techno. it's a pavlovian response for many of us. that means it's time for "pop news" for many of us. sara, take it away. >> thank you for that, the in-house band. don't tell ron, but i kind of like your approach better. that boy no more. could justin bieber be ready to turn over a new leaf? a hint of the brand-new biebs came during the taping of his comedy central roast last night in los angeles. will ferrell, oh, showed up to name a few, as ron burgundy, to encourage bieber to live his life with the same reckless abandon. but, bieber told the crowd he had lost some of his best qualities and he was sorry for that. so, we shall see. the roast airs on comedy central in two weeks. that should be a doozy if ron burgundy was there. >> give it up for him trying to -- you know. >> trying to change his ways. >> such a talented guy.
8:49 am
i was going to say kid. but that makes me seem old. so i won't say that. we're excited to tell you about the kickoff of a live event tour for families called on the road to the radio disney music awards. top artists entertained the crowd at a youtube space in new york yesterday. the tour makes stops across the country and culminates in a festival just outside the nokia theater in los angeles. hours before this year's radio music awards. ally simpson says she's excited to be a part of it all. >> the road to the awards is a fun journey. i'm hosting it with ernie d. it's pretty fun because it brings everyone together. it's getting everyone hyped up for the music awards, which is a big party. this year will be the best year yet. >> the radio disney awards on saturday, april 25th. you can watch it on disney channel on april 6th.
8:50 am
at 8:00 p.m. sooner. >> dan was excited to see becky g. >> paula's daughter got me into the shower song. >> is that what you sang in the backseat with the french fries? >> it was one of the great things in my illustrious journalism career. >> unforgettable and maybe not ever lived down. kids can be whizzes at all sort of electronics these days. what about simpler contraptions? take this thirsty little girl. all she wants is a drink of water. she's trying to get a drink from the water foup tan. >> her arm is too short. >> one more time. >> the cutest part is when -- someone keeps yelling at her. i like that they rolled on it rather than helped her because that's viewing pressure for all of us. >> correct. on to the next one. you see this little fishing -- >> we hear it. >> no, it's a loud toy. >> i've played with that before. it's fun. >> we have a video coming up of a little -- there was a fishing excursion. talk about determination. this next video has all of it.
8:51 am
it starts with a guy, an expedition. you know how these things go. you have to be patient. he's about to catch a fish. you think he's taking that home for dinner, i think it will be someone else's dinner. >> oh, yeah. good job, kitty. >> i brought this as a game for dan because i know how aggressive his cats are. >> pass it over. >> i want dan to practice. i don't know if kevin can get this. >> it's steve. >> the cat's name is steve. >> by the way -- >> oh. >> look at that. >> my cats -- my cats are nowhere near that ambitious. just for the record. we'll be right back with more "gma."
8:52 am
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thank you. >> coming up on "this week" george will have the latest on the controversy over the hillary clinton e-mail. you can tweet
8:56 am
him @gstephanopoulos. with your questions. g-s-t-e-p-h-a-n-o-p-o-u-l-u-s? >> bingo. >> oh. >> almost. >> l-o-s. >> almost had it. thank you for watching, everybody. >> good morning i'm eva pilgrim along with alicia vitarelli. come you mean on "action news" this -- coming up on "action news" sunday morning, a home is damaged after a truck slams into it. another presidential candidate reportedly used a private account while a government official. >> reporter: enjoy the weather tomorrow, because after that it's all downhill from there.
8:57 am
i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> it is 95:00 a.m. sunday, march, is a nydia is off alicia vitarelli joins us. in the news a delaware county home is badly damaged after a truck slams into it. >> a heartbreaking loss for the symbol of the western
9:00 am
pennsylvania. we'll have an update of the balanced eagle who was protecting her eggs around the clock. philadelphia celebrates all things irish in one of the oldest st. patrick's day parade in the country. >> eyes are smiling today. >> it's not raining. >> reporter: there you go. no rain on the parade. we'll get you outside and show you what's going on. it's cloudy and it is chilly, but we don't have the rain. we're down in cape may the winds are picking up out of the west/northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's the big difference today. you'll notice the winds whipping everything around, we'll see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. we'll set it in motion, that's going back to 8:00 p.m. that's the last of the lane that pulled through. we have -- rain that pulled through. we have cloud cover moving


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